Five generations

Fritz Geissbühler was born in the Emmental in 1854 and completed his
years an apprenticeship as a filigree, where by then the profession was still
one of the belters. Later, he founded his own studio, in which
at times helped five of his six sons. Today, Fritz
Geissbühler's works to be admired in the Bern Industrial Museum: Artfully crafted
Chalices, belt buckles and lavishly decorated picture frames.

His son Ernst was born in 1884 and went to teaching with his father. Ernst Geissbühler
traveled a lot and recorded in a notebook what he did during these trips
on jewelry: roses, brooches, pendants. To this day, the
this collection is based on work in the family business. The climax of Ernsts
career was the national exhibition of 1914 in Bern, where he
exhibited pieces and thus easily sold the following crisis years
bridged. The technical report of the "Landi" praises how
tastefully Ernst Geissbühler combines silver and enamel.

His son Hans, born in 1918, learned not only filigree art but also
Goldsmithing technique and was the first in the family to try his hand at Goldfiligran.
His works present themselves classically: there is, for example, the elaborate
Rosette-Collier with cultured pearls and Geneva enamel or the antique-looking necklace
with shiny garnet stones.

The fourth generation of Geissbühler's company owners, Andreas Geissbühler,
was born in 1954, trained as a goldsmith and filigreeist and made
a name at home and abroad. His specialties include:
delicate rings, stud earrings and brooches or braided silver formations.
He always ventures the balancing act between tradition and modernity.
The costume jewellery, which has always remained a specialty of the Geissbühlers, is today
made as ever.

Marc Geissbühler now continues the family tradition and
produces high-quality jewellery with the sign of responsibility
and logo of Geissbühler's jewellery – the Edelweiss with the "G" in the middle.
In doing so, he respects traditions, but will also break new ground – just as it does
have already done all his ancestors.