Jewellery wants to be worn! They are far too bad to have a sad existence in the safe or in the jewellery box. Wedding rings and some favorite pieces are worn every day and without them you really lack something. Of course, the constant wearing does not pass without a trace of your favourite piece of jewellery and leaves behind small traces of usage. Of course, they make a piece of jewellery really alive, but you can still do a lot to enjoy your piece of jewelry for as long as possible.


Observe the following basic rules for wearing jewelry:

Avoid contact with cosmetics, chemicals, fats and vapours. Always put on jewellery after make-up and creaming. Also use hairspray and perfume before putting on jewelry, especially gemstones can be damaged here. Place jewellery before sports, cleaning, cooking, visiting the sauna or sunbathing, gardening and the like. It is best to wipe the piece of jewellery with a fibre-free cleaning cloth after each wear to remove dirt, salt and grease. Always store jewellery separately from each other. If precious metals or precious stones are frictiond together, scratches and damage can occur due to different hardnesses of the materials. Gemstones are usually harder than gold, silver or platinum and can also lead to flaws.


In the event that there has been contamination or deposits, in most cases it can be easily removed. The care and cleaning of jewelry is not complicated. With a soft, fiber-free cloth, residues can usually already be removed. Simply rub the piece of jewellery gently. With a soft toothbrush and, if necessary, a little mild soapy liquor, further dirt can be removed. Then rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water and pat dry. Please do not use toothpaste, especially for gemstones. Not every mineral tolerates this well. Jewellery can also be cleaned with steam and ultrasound cleaning. But here, too, caution is required with certain gemstones.

Here you should inform yourself in advance exactly which gemstone tolerates this and which does not.

Do not use commercially available detergents if they are not absolutely certain that they are compatible with your jewelry.


When it comes to costume jewellery / filigree jewellery, you should not work with a toothbrush or the like. We recommend that you have this jewelry cleaned by us. We glow the jewelry at the right temperature, then put it in a diluted sulfuric acid, wash it out, dry it properly and then polish the cans by hand. Filigree earrings, pendants and rings can be cleaned with special silver cleaning diving baths. Patinated jewelry should only be cleaned with a soft fiber-free cloth.


Jewellery should be kept separate and dry, so avoid scratches. You can delay the oxidation by packing the jewelry as airtight as possible, for example in a freshness box. If you want to upholster the whole thing slightly use only acid-free and chlorine-free materials, for example acid- and chlorine-free silk paper.